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Cuddly Kitten's Cat House

    Cuddly Kittens are better than ducks, Ducks quack and kittens meow, We like to play games and some of us like to.... pluck? So now we play Diablo and WOW.

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Blankyone, Apr 1, 11 8:58 AM.
Go check out this thread Kittens! Really important stuff that I need everyone to read.

Starting Blackwing Descent

JVicious, Mar 28, 11 5:49 PM.
We are going to start working on Blackwing Descent.  Check the in-game and website calendars for raid times.  Most of the time they will be Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Wednesday being our more hardcore of the 2 nights, and Thursday be more of a clean up type night or focusing on a certain boss etc.

We will be focusing on:  Magmaw, Omnotron Defense System, and Maloriak.  So watch videos, get to know these baddies like they were your own furry tail.  Once we know these 3 we should be able to clear them easily on the first raid night with time to spare for other bosses.

As raid lead, I picked BWD because its said to be the easiest of the 3 entry level raids, also to get a break from BoT.  Plus we all like dragons more than fat ogres like Cho'gall.

Stay tuned for some more crazy kitten action!  MEOW!

Welcome all Kittens!

Blankyone, Mar 23, 11 7:41 AM.
Please browse and make yourselves familiar with this wonderful site!
There's some work to be done, so if you have any input, contact me. -Purdyone

BoT First boss down

ckrus, Feb 14, 11 4:18 AM.
/Meow on BoT Halfus.

Grats on 10 Man BH Kittens

ckrus, Jan 25, 11 1:49 AM.
Go go power kittens! Good job on the guild achieve for BH!
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